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Florida Puddle Pro's

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Our philosophy

Florida Puddle Pro's

We have one main goal in mind and that is to help the community connect with water.

Water is the Life giving block to all living things. We as humans are greatly affected by water and a decorative water feature will provide a positive contribution to your interaction with water. Positive ions are increasing in our environment with technology growing so rapidly around us and negative ions are the ones we are going to benefit from. Moving water is an incredible way to increase your negative ion intake. It is our mission to improve your living space with the life giving element of water.

At Florida Puddle Pros we have been hobbyists in the aquarium and reptile and amphibian keeping for most of our lives , which has given us a deeper understanding of the biology needed to balance an ecosystem properly



Florida puddle Pro's Was established in 2020 by two Life long friends with a passion for water and biological life.  Circa 1994 Steven Bates and Nicholas Mole were  young boys obsessed with exploring the bodies of water(hence the name Puddle Pro's) in central Florida in search of unique living treasures, one fish in particular dominated our initial obsession which was the speckled(or dalmation) Molly. We made it a point to search this particular fish out to take home to keep in our own aquariums and homemade Puddles. What followed was nearly 30 years of passion learning what it takes to balance an ecosystem to sustain life. in 2020 Aquascape came into our lives and gave us a way to work with our passion every day by designing and maintaining beautiful natural ecosystem ponds as well as natural waterfalls and decorative fountains. We are firm believers in the Aquascape Method to pond building and strictly adhere to their advanced and proven methods to water feature building. 

Photo(left, Nick "digahole" Mole, Greg Wittstock(aquascapes founder and CEO) and Steven"pondgyver" Bates

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