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Small Goldfish pond $11,999

Florida Puddle Pro's small goldfish and koi starter pond. This pond is perfect for full sized goldfish and young to young adult koi. This is a true ecosystem pond setup with biological filter and skimmer function. 

setup includes

approximately 80 square feet(roughly 8 by 10 or equivalent @18 inches deep

45 ml firestone liner

1000 series aquascape biofalls

aquasurge 3000 pump

400 sig series aquascape skimmer

auto dosing system for beneficial bacteria

3 tons of native boulders 1/2 man to 1 man size

1/2 ton of gravel

1/2 yard mulch for edging

10 basic starter edge plants, 4 aquatic plants

1 piece of premium driftwood

Price of this pond includes Native stone or FPP choice Alabama Grey stone.  Upgrade Tennessee moss rock for $1000

** price based on good access and good site conditions

add ons

add color changing lights $2500

add white lights $1750

add iongen $995

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