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deluxe ecosystem Pond

Florida Puddle Pro's Ecosystem pond. The Biggest and most elaborate kit pond that we offer. This pond is big enough to comfortably house several adult koi aswell as make a big impact in your landscape. A wide and open spot and good access is necessary for this pond as we will use machine set boulders and equipment for this install. Large 1/4-1/2 ton boulders are used to give this pond a big impact and create a natural look. 

our $27,999  approximately 300 sq ft  or approximately 4000 gallons 

300 sq ft @ max 24 inch depth

45 ml 25 by 35 ft liner

Signature series 1000 pond skimmer

Signature series 6000 Bio filter(the big one)

aquasurge adjustable flow rate pump 4-8000gph

3 color changing lights(with transformer and necessary splitters)

automatic dosing system

1 large piece of driftwood) 

10 tons of native fieldstone( upgrade to Tennesee moss rock $3500)

3 tons of FPP choice gravel

2 yards of mulch

soil removal

16 potted edge plants

10 aquatic/semi aquatic plants

2 large native logs

1 large pc premium driftwood

sheet/pillowmoss innoculation

Full FPP warranty on instalation for 12 months from install and manufacturers product warranty

** add ons and upgrades

upgrade to wetland filter $9500

upgrade to intake bay $3500

upgrade to negative edge skimmer $10000

upgrade stone to Tennesee moss rock$3500

Price listed reflects good access to the site for our machines aswell aswell as good site conditions (ie soil quality and no obstructions. prices subject to change due to material price increases at time of ordering.)

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