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Medium Koi pond

Florida Puddle Pro's Medium Koi pond.

This is the minimum size pond we typically recommend for Adult Koi.  This is a full ecosystem pond equipped with Bio-falls filter and skimmer function. The quoted price is for our typical 160 square foot pond with waterfall directly dropped into the pond, custom add ons can be quoted( ie 10 ft of stream, premium color stone, wetland filter upgrade, zero edge and intake bay upgrade


Our $17,999 price includes 160 sq ft footprint(

pond footprint @ 24 inches max depth.  This is the minimum size pond we recomend for mature koi.

biofalls 2500 aquascape

sig series 1000 skimmer aquascape

3 color changing aquascape lights/transformer

1 auto doser(beneficial bacteria drip)

5 tons of native stone

1.5 ton gravel​

1 yard of mulch for edging

12 assorted potted edge plants

6 assorted semi aquatic plants

1 large piece of driftwood or native wood

waterfall from biofalls direct drop into pond

add intake bay $3500

add wetland filter $8500

add negative edge filter $10,000
Upgrade to Tennesee moss rock $2000
add any fountain feature $2000(stacked wall, urn, sphere)

** price based on good access to site as well as good site conditions(ie soil quality) additions can be added by booking a design consultation or emailing us for an online quote.

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